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Smartstat is a site that discusses things about Statistics and Experimental Design. Most of the material is described in detail and at the end of the material, examples of questions/cases are included and how to solve them. The discussion of questions is carried out in two ways, first by manual calculation ( by hand ) and secondly by using data processing software such as SPSS, Minitab, Excel, Statistica etc. Working on case examples using software is partly discussed separately, packaged in the form of a tutorial so that it is easier to understand. You can learn the tutorial either on this site or directly on the Youtube channel (smartstatistics, link is below)

Initially, this site was only focused on storing lecture material that could be used as a reference for students. Since 2020, apart from publishing articles and tutorials, Smartstat has also tried to develop the SmartstatXL Add-In , a data processing tool/application that is integrated in the Excel application.

YouTube Channel:


Collection of Materials Statistics and Experimental Design with applied examples

Statistics ExsDes


A collection of Slides for Mathematics, Statistics, Experimental Design as well as teaching materials and other materials.



Tutorial on Statistical Data Analysis and Experimental Design using Excel, SPSS, Minitab, Statistica, etc.



Article Statistics
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05 Sep Stemplot (Stem-and-Leaf Plot)

Another representation that is similar to a histogram is the Stamplot . Stemplot is also known as stem-and-leaf...

05 Sep Population and Sample

The population is the whole of the research object which is the center of attention and is the...

05 Sep Definition of Statistics

Statistics is a branch of applied mathematics which consists of theories and methods on how to...

05 Sep Paired t-test

Paired t-test ( paired t-test ) is one method of testing the hypothesis where the data used is not...

Experimental Design

Experimental Design
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23 Aug Dunnet - Post Hoc Test

In certain experimental cases, we may only be interested in comparisons between controls and other...

23 Aug Factorial RCBD (3 Factors)

2 X 2 X 3 Factorial Design with Basic Design: RCBDThe following is a description of the 2 X 2 X 3...

23 Aug Example of Split Block Design (Strip Plot)

Example of Application of Split Block Design (Strip Plot/Striped Grid) This sample article on...

23 Aug Split-Split Plot Design

The Split-Split Plit Design (SSPD) is an extension of the Split Plot Design (SPD). In SPD we only...